Dear Apocalypse Final.

_What you call Internet its over, no more big data, no more smart data, no more IA, we melted all transatlantic cable around the planet.


I freezed, then I said:

_But we know how to do all those things, we can build again everything.

He looked at me with his red DEEP eyes and said:

_ We know, but we don’t want to avoid this, our goal its to bring back humanity to humans. How much will cost to recover all the kind of power stations, satellites, antennas? What about the food you humans keep stored using robots and energy power? What about the planes, boats, cars without technology support? What about the kids that since are babies using a device called smartphone and don’t have any intuition about life? Grow up with a weak mind and commit suicide not knowing how to manage the difficulties of life? Are humans a parasite or a partner in this dimension? This is what we need to know.

_We came, we found almost perfect solar system, with all resources that we need to create a planetary commer…

Dear Apocalypse PT1

I have a (long?) dream today.
It starts with me and a man, pale skin, white hair and red eyes, dressed with a long coat.
We was inside a transparent square ship, can’t see any controls, any painels, can breath normally even knowing I was locked inside this square with no air (cant feel any wind).
We was travelling, the ship moves with so much accuracy because I can be like 30 meters above the ground and people can’t even see me or knowing that I was there.
I asked him:
_I am dreaming?
He said:
_Yes, but you are dreaming the Apocalypse of humanity.
I asked:
_How if everything appears to be normal?
He said: _ Let’s see the entire humans.
Then the ship moved so, so fast like a jet crossing the sound velocity and I felt anything! It was like inside the ship I can’t feel the gravity of Earth, nothing.
Then I was on New York, in the Statue of Liberty, a lot of people was there, some of them are taking photos, a lot of them was looking at the phone, maybe speaking.. Even the Kids are looking at some …