Wednesday, January 3, 2018


Everyone that believe on Aliens know that the government hide things about aliens and UFO's.

But I never imagined they hide every information and discoveries about life form.

Yes my brothers and Sisters, I saw so many kind of life form, and some of them are so close to us (Like Moon, Mars, Saturn "moons"), and some from  planets of nearby stars, even in nearby stars (some races doesn't live on planet, they constructed kind of a "city" near the planet (like our moon distance)).

Let me tell you about this awesome kind of aliens that live outside planet.

They are tall, and so advanced that they doesn't have completely organic body, they have a..let me try to say: "ultra-super-nano artificial cells" in his "blood", every programmed to avoid fast age, sickness, and all that nature actually guide us to be/have in our body.
Them can transform in defence cell, they can write upgrades on dna molecules inside cells.. they can do everything.
They have a brain not 100% biologic either, and is near impossible to me to explain... try to imagine  our biological brain inside another artifficial brain, with a LOT of kind of lights and dark fluid (they said i can't understand how it works, but they tried, and I will write in another post.), in short, this thing can let their brain last more than 2000 years.

Of course there are rules: More upgrade you do in your body, more responsibility you have.

Like I said before, they live outside planet, they constructed a giant city, big like saturn disc size, everyone have focus on exploration.

Why they did this? they killed their planet? NO!

They said that since they understood the process of nature, they know that every planet doesn't deserve to be called home to intelligent beings.

And I asked: _ But how is the process of nature?

Olet said (his name is Olet):
_ The process of nature is the nature itself envolving every life being that doesn't have options to involve by itself. We can do it because we can learn and take our own steps to where we going to be. If we choose to stay in that planet we automatically accept the burden of live in nature laws.

He continued: _ We choose to follow our own path, respecting nature life on that planet, borrowing their resources until we get our freedom to our path, paying back Nature in the same resources.

I asked: _ Like trees? you plant the trees that take? What lives in this planet?

Olet said: _Yes, like trees, you call this class as "animals", they live there under the rules of nature.

Until "today" they only go to their planet called Ote to get resources, but the same way they get back.

All the power of the city comes from their sun, using a awesome technology that i will try to describe.


Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Bohemian Rhapsody

How much I miss you my brothers and sisters... How much I miss Earth!

Our life is so short and so beautiful at the same time!

I'm back, even never wanted, but have so much to tell!

Knowing a lot more about the unknown and 1000% sure about Human race future.

What Tunt, how do you know about human race future?

I met humans very very way different than us, they gave me lessons about Human Progressivity based on Nature and Unature actions, and they showed me how Pak race saved a lot of information about our race , even modifications on our DNA.

I passed through Voyager 1 and 2, and thanks to Pak awesome tech i heard the Golden disc of Earth with many greeting languages (Including portuguese saying "Peace and happines to everytone" , and sounds, inclusding the unmarkable vouce of Louis Armstrong,Beethoven, and musics from japan and different other countries I was on Proxima Centauri and saw most of dead planets and 2 advanced kinds of life, I travelled though many planets of Andromeda Galaxy, learned about the real nature of SOUL with "Andromedians " (what soul are, who have soul (not only humans guys)).
Learned what to do with what we have.

Oh, a lot of things to tell..

I'm still recovering, but guess can to another post until saturday 30.

Tunt, why the post title was Bohemian Rhapsody?

Because I heard while was coming to our solar system, back to Earth.

Love to everyone.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Is someone here?

Hi guys, Dragon here.

Just passing to know if someone still here, waiting for new posts from Tunt book.

please leave a comment!

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Visions, Just Visions PT4

I found some clothes on the back of a car and decided to change my clothes.

I found a very beautiful glasses and decided to put it on, thats will help me to cover my eyes form this hot light of the sun.

And for my surprise... the Glasses have a radio! I can hear stereo on my head... not using my ears.. hahaha this is so amazing, what kind of technology is that...

Oh God how this place is beautiful.

Some radio are on tune, started do hear while I was walking...
Too much propaganda, some religious like "come back to God, the end is near, the bible is a truth words of the future"

Suddently after some steps the glass shows some info in front of me (System recharging), remember some kind of google glass + VR, because all the vision of the glasses looks like a "real time computer", when I looked to the car in front of me with the Glasses I can read the model, the owner and to where he was going.

I remember good Informations about that car, it was a beautiful White vintage car, the msot beautiful that i never forgot some infos that the glass gave me.

Dont know why i don't forgot, i guess its because i really loved that one... It was a Ford 63 A Thunderbird, plate BFG 646 and the name of who are using is ########(I will keep anony, Dragon), so good to know all the info..

I feel I can understand better whats is happening right now... I tried to start that car, but its like his battery died... Im so sad to let this car alone, it was the only one white vintage car in all of this every others...

Ingrid's car.... oh.. its better I stop to see everything, lets go to that gas station....